Saturday, July 9, 2016

Estes ProtoX Quadcopter Motor Replacement

In my latest YouTube video I show how to replace a damaged motor in an Estes ProtoX quadcopter.  I received one as a gift, and bumped it into a wall when flying it and damaged one of the motors.  The local RC hobby shop had replacements, so I picked up a set and filmed a video on how to remove the bad motor and replace it.  Note that there are two kinds of motors, one rotates one way and the other rotates tbe other way.  The direction of rotation is indicated by the color of the wires attached to the motor.  One kind has white and black wires, the other has red and blue wires.  You must use one of the same color wires when doing the replacement or the motor will spin the wrong way.  Also, be sure to connect the wires with the proper polarity.  On the white/black motors the white wire should be connected to the point on the PCB with the "+."  On the red/blue motors, the red wire should be connected to the point marked with a "+."


  1. Thank you, Carl Smith for sharing your video of how to replace a damaged motor in an Estes ProtoX quadcopter. It is interesting, but I think I took the right motor for my sky viper drone. Waiting to have more similar information from you.

  2. The Sky Viper drone looks interesting. But I can't tell from a quick search if it uses the same kind of motors as the ProtoX. It does look like the replacement motors come with a connector plug on the end, which should make replacement even easier since there would be no soldering necessary.

  3. This is just the web log I have been looking for. My son damaged two motors of his Estes ProtoX Quad. I will be able to replace the motors with the help of your video tutorial. See more on quadcopter motors here: